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Monday, October 22, 2012

Aim Global Marketing Plan - Power Point Presentation

These power point presentation will give you an overview on the Marketing Plan of Aim Global. We provided you these as a tools in making a presentation to the customers or clients in an online environment  whether you are in skype video call or in a G+ hangout video call, both of you can see the presentation and click the slides at the same time in real time.

Aim Global Marketing Plan Presentation

If you are  a new customer who happens to just surf by and get the interest in looking at this presentation, you can connect to our site administrator so that she can help you or just leave a message below and we will get back to you the soonest as possible. You can also get in touch with us in our community page in facebook at :  


Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Cost Of Network Marketing Skills Is Zero

Contributed By: Resty Rejano Rosales
Do you believe in magic tricks, magic secrets, auto pilot income, lead generation magic and many other sales pitch in the world wide web share by the so called gurus and self-proclaimed expert?

I have done all the searching and trying this so-called magic money making system, but it sucks. One time I have come upon a video of a good man who shares his ideas and his expertise for FREE.

Yes, it's a big YES, people. He will be teaching and sharing you with the techniques word for word on how to sponsor prospects and it works for me.

I've been very grateful to him when I stumble upon his website , and it gives me a lot of hope in my networking business.

This great man is MARK JANUSZEWSKI, he is the World's Laziest Networker and he has build a multi-million dollar business working 16 hours a week. Listen to him and learn his teachings and find it out for yourself.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Illustration of colorectal cancer stages


What exactly is colon cleansing? Simply put, it is the process of cleaning the intestinal tract and the colon for removing the toxins. Some of the methods used for the colon cleansing are injecting water, dietary supplement, laxatives, and herbs. People resort to colon cleansing mainly because any accumulation of the toxins in the intestinal tract will lead to various diseases.

Photo of colon compositeBeginning of colon cleansing: It is believed that the ancient Egyptians thought that the toxins accumulated in the intestine and started causing fever and pus. Their theory was further supported by the microbiological studies conducted in the 19th century. In the course of time, scientists came up with the suggestions that since the body cannot fully remove the wastes and toxins on its own, colon cleansing was advised.
Photo of sessile polyp on colon lining

Colorectal Cancer: How It Starts

Colorectal cancers often begin as polyps – benign growths on the interior surface of the colon. The two most common types of intestinal polyps are adenomas and hyperplastic polyps. They develop when there are errors in the way cells grow and repair the lining of the colon. Most polyps remain benign, but some have the potential to turn cancerous. Removing them early prevents colorectal cancer.

Colon cancer removal surgeryWhen it is advised and symptoms: Colon cleansing is done prior to any surgery, procedures, or colonoscopy. A regimen of liquid is administered on the previous day to the surgery, thus the colon and the intestinal tract is cleaned of any accumulation. The toxins can cause weight gain, headache, fatigue and low energy levels.

How is it done: Colon cleansing can be done in two methods, one by using oral supplements and the other by getting it done with the help of a physician. The oral supplements can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores or independent health distributors and the list of supplements include herbal supplements, laxatives, herbal teas, enemas, and anti-parasite capsules.

Photo of colon cancer cells
Colon irrigation: Colon irrigation is better than enema in that it does not give any discomfort to the person. Plenty of water is pushed into the colon and the remains are pushed out. The physician may also use probiotics which have beneficial bacteria in them.

Benefits of colon cleansing: Since toxins are removed in the process of colon cleansing, the advantages are manifold. The person who undergoes this will get a better mental outlook, lose unwanted weight, and improved immune system, and he also has less risk of colon cancer.

Is colon cleansing necessary: There are also arguments that the natural bacteria present in the colon helps in removing the toxins and the liver also helps in neutralizing them. It is said that the colon with the help of the mucus membranes, prevents any unwanted toxins from entering the blood or tissues. Since the old cells of the colon are removed very often, the chances of harmful bacteria adhering to the colon walls are very remote. It is also argued that the body absorbs most of the calories even before they reach the intestinal tract and so weight loss cannot be attributed to this reason.

Side effects: Colon cleansing does have some side effects which include nausea, vomiting, and cramps. The person may also feel dizzy and dehydrated. There are also chances of infection in the area. If a person has Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, or any bowel surgery has been performed on him. Persons with heart or kidney diseases also should not undergo colon cleansing.

A person making a salad.Achieving colon health: The food you take has the maximum impact on the health of the colon. It will reduce the risk of colon cancer greatly and boost the general health. Diet with more fiber will reduce colon problems such as constipation, and diverticulitis. Intake of more cereals, whole grains, and fiber which are present in fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal, apart from lot of fluids will enhance the health of colon. Tobacco and red meat should be reduced. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

5 Surprising Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast CancerProvided By:




You've been told all your life to be on the alert for breast lumps, the primary sign of breast cancer. But a lump isn't always the first sign of malignancy, or it may not be the first change a woman notices, says Andrew Putnam, director of the Palliative Care Program at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Georgetown University. "Sometimes a lump is deep in the breast tissue, or the tissue surrounding it is very dense, making it hard to feel," says Putnam. And inflammatory breast cancer causes another set of symptoms entirely. "So it's important to be on the alert for other red flags as well."

Any one of these five lesser-known symptoms of breast cancer is important enough to send you straight to the doctor for a checkup, followed by a mammogram or MRI if recommended.

1. Itchy, sore, or reddened breasts

Skin that feels rashy or hot to the touch is one of the telltale signs of inflammatory breast cancer, a rare form of the disease that's less well known than the more common breast tumors. Inflammatory breast cancer may cause breasts to become swollen and irritated or sore. The skin may be unusually red or scaly, or you may notice purplish areas that look like bruising. Dimpled or "orange peel" skin is characteristic in some cases of inflammatory breast cancer. "It looked like I suddenly had cellulite on my breasts," is how one woman described this sudden change in skin texture, which may be bumpy or indented.

At first, the achy feeling may mimic the soreness typical of PMS, or the redness and itchiness might suggest an allergic skin reaction. But you'll know that's not it if it doesn't go away after a few days.

Why it happens: In inflammatory breast cancer, which makes up just 3 percent of all breast cancer cases, fast-growing cancer cells block blood vessels that feed the skin. Because red, itchy, hot skin is typical of inflammatory breast cancer, it's often mistaken for mastitis or infection of the milk ducts around the nipple.

2. Upper back pain

Although it's not well known, spine specialists routinely look for the presence of tumors, because some women experience back pain before any other sign of breast cancer. The pain, which is typically in the upper back between the shoulder blades, is easily confused with sore muscles, a pulled tendon or ligament, or osteoarthritis of the spine.

Why it happens: Most breast tumors develop in the glandular tissue of the breast, which extends deep into the chest, close to the chest wall. If tumor growth pushes backward toward the ribs and spine, the resulting pain may be felt in the back rather than in the breast. Breast cancer also tends to metastasize or spread to the spine or ribs, becoming secondary bone cancer.

7 Surprising Reasons You Wake Up Tired

3. Nipple changes

One of the most common locations for a breast tumor is just underneath the nipple, which can cause changes in the appearance and feel of the nipple itself. And nipple changes are often the giveaway for men with breast cancer. You may notice that one of your nipples sticks up less than it used to. It may even appear uncharacteristically inverted or flattened. Many women also notice a decrease in sensitivity to touch, most likely to come to your attention -- or your partner's attention -- during sex. Another nipple change to take seriously is discharge when you're not breastfeeding, whether it's bloody, milky, or watery. The skin of the nipple may become crusty, scaly, or inflamed.

Why it happens: A tumor in the milk ducts, just behind the nipple or to one side, pushes the skin up around the nipple or pushes the nipple aside. As tumors grow, they may attach to -- and thus retract -- the skin or the nipple itself. The tumor may cause irritation and infection, leading to discharge.

4. A change in the shape or size of one breast

Contrary to popular belief, not all breast tumors cause a hard lump close enough to the surface to be noticeable. "Instead of feeling a lump, I noticed that one of my breasts was more oval than the other, hanging down lower and sort of sticking out to one side," says a California woman, who discovered she had breast cancer at the age of 42. The best way to spot these types of changes is to study the size and shape of your breasts in a mirror. Sit facing the mirror and look at both breasts dead-on, then raise your arms, turn sideways, and look from each side. Do both breasts look the same, or is there a difference in size or shape you haven't noticed before? Interestingly, some women spot this change when they notice that one side of their bra feels tighter. Or a partner may notice the difference during sex and bring it to your attention.

Why it happens: Tissue growth that's deeper in the breast or masked by dense breast tissue may push out the shape or size of the breast without causing a noticeable lump. If you've been told you have dense breast tissue, be particularly alert for this sign.

5. Pain, swelling, or a lump in your armpit

You know how the lymph nodes in your neck and throat can feel sore when you have the flu? The same thing happens to the lymph nodes in your armpit, because that's where breast cancer spreads first, by way of lymphatic fluid that drains from the breast. Affected lymph nodes may feel swollen or tender or develop a lump before a tumor is big enough to be felt in the breast itself. Any pain in the armpit area is a sign to check the area carefully with your fingers. A lump under the armpit is likely to be hard and attached to surrounding tissues, so it doesn't move when you touch it. Or tissue may feel thickened and dense compared with the armpit on the other side.

Why it happens: The lymph nodes in the armpit are the closest ones to the breast and can therefore be affected by lymphatic fluid that drains from the area. As breast cancer spreads, this is the first place it's like to metastasize, which is why breast cancer is staged according to whether it's lymph-node positive or negative.

9 Symptoms We Don't Worry About—But Should

  By : Paula Spencer Scott

           Yahoo Health


Symptoms to Check


Certain health warning signs are well known—like chest pain (heart attack), fever (infection), yellow eyes (jaundice), and irregular moles (skin cancer). But other concerning symptoms often get overlooked. Though they're common indicators of important health problems, people find them easier to dismiss or ignore.

"I find that many people feel too busy to have a seemingly minor complaint looked into," says San Francisco internist and geriatrician Leslie Kernisan, who is also's senior medical editor. "But a regular doctor's visit can often lay the issue to rest. With a little investigation, we can figure out whether there really is something to worry about, and, if so, treat."

Here are nine often-overlooked symptoms that warrant a medical checkup.


 Sleepy During the Day (for No Reason)



Stress or "burning the candle at both ends" (late to bed, early to rise) can leave anyone yawning midday. So can insomnia, where you awaken and just can't get back to sleep. But sleep deprivation for these reasons is different from the all-day-long fatigue -- even to the point of nodding off -- that you might feel even when you believe you had a decent night's sleep. It's especially concerning if feeling tired and unable to concentrate strikes you day after day, and you can't fathom why.

Could indicate: Sleep apnea. This sleep disorder occurs when the soft tissues at the back of the throat disrupt normal breathing patterns. Unable to get oxygen, the body struggles for breath and you wake up briefly -- perhaps not enough to notice, except that this pattern occurs over and over, for hours, affecting overall sleep.

What else to notice: You may also have sleep apnea if you snore, especially if the snoring is loud or uneven, or erupts in snorts, or if you awaken with a sore throat or headache. Anyone can develop sleep apnea, but being overweight puts you at higher risk.

Excessive Hair Growth (Women)


Both men and women have hair all over their bodies, including the face. But it typically grows in differing patterns. In a woman, it's unusual for coarse hairs to sprout on the face, chest, belly, or around the nipples. Some women who develop facial hair growth feel a need to shave several times a day.

Could indicate: Polycycstic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This hormonal imbalance isn't completely understood but is linked to changes in the levels of estrogen, progesterone, and especially androgen (a male hormone). The ovaries fail to release eggs and instead form small ovarian cysts. Infertility can result. As many as one in 10 to one in 20 American women are thought to have it, according to government data.

What else to notice: Other male-like PCOS symptoms include weight gain, decreased breast size, an enlarged clitoris, thinning hair or even balding, and a deepening voice. A hallmark symptom is irregular periods or the loss of periods after they'd begun during puberty. Acne may also worsen. Women with PCOS often also have diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and are overweight.